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Maintenance Care and what it means:


When an individual has achieved foundational health (defined as sufficient detoxification to unburden the body’s cleansing systems, and cellular/tissue fortification to the extent of trophic repair and strengthening of specific gland/organ/tissue systems, and the harmonification of individual functions toward a whole body symphony), then efforts must be turned toward maintaining the body’s balance and long-term actions.  Lifestyle and stress consume body stores of minerals and hormones eventually causing the stores to become depleted resulting in toxic accumulation, metabolic imbalance and hormonal inadequacy.  Reasonable maintenance strategy entails chronic reduction of toxic and metabolic body burdens, and ongoing repair and fortification of chronic weaknesses, some of which we have inherited genetically or acquired in early life due to various exposures or stressors.


For some, who have an advanced biological age, maintenance care represents the long-term chronic care required to gradually correct the body’s processes of degeneration.  Some experts say that for every year that you took to become ill five years are required to reverse that consequence.  People who are dealing with these sorts of chronic degenerative processes require years of balanced lifestyle to replenish the depleted reserves of minerals essential to resilient health. 


For others who have a familial tendency to heart disease or some other eventuality maintenance care takes on a strategic approach to retarding or even preventing the known disease issue.  This type of care must also include a regular responsible evaluation of the progression of the suspected disease predisposition so that efforts may be increased or modulated according to the unique needs.  It is most responsible to consider the genetic implications each of carries in our genes, even though lifestyle activates and suppresses the gene programs that may activate certain processes. 


Finally some people wish to continue to employ a program that gives them an advantage in degenerative changes so that they may retard the known degenerative changes that afflict all of us finally at some point in the aging process.  Many find that in the process of cleansing and repair we initially employed for the first 9 months that the evolution of self-improvement is enjoyable and desirable.  To continue a program that includes self-improvement and evolution toward a superior state of health is responsible and desirable.  Many find that as they improve their physiology they likewise improve their personality and emotional state.  Ultimately this relationship between physical health and emotional and spiritual well-being is at the crux of maintenance care.


This type of maintenance care includes regular daily dosages of essential nutrients, plus additional nutrients for the stressful lifestyle we live, plus regular consultations to determine ongoing physiological needs as they arise.  It can prove effective in approaching the strategic issues facing us in modern society.  Ultimately with as much as we understand about health, genetics, and degenerative illness, it is responsible to employ some maintenance care beyond acute corrective nutritional therapy.

-Dr. Stuart White

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